Good news ! I'll do a small second batch. The count of the cartridges is limited.

If you want to preorder a ultraDev cartridge do can do it here...

The price is for what I can produce the cartridge. The price below is now the final price. I can't offer it cheaper.

You will get a fully build up and working cartridge for:


The price is without shipping to your country.
I do not charge any addtional costs for shipping. Shipping costs are of course charged only once if you order more than one PCB.
Shipping costs for Germany are: 2,7 Euro (German post)
Inside the EU: 3,7 Euro(German post)
I'm not shipping outside of the EU I'm sorry.

Maybe you wonder why did the price for the cartridge changed? Before it was 52€?
This is not because I want more money it is because the law in germany changed for China imports.
Before the first of july 2021 there was a free limit for China imports at 25€ means everything below was free. Unforunately this changed now and I have to pay import duties (20%) on everything.
Alot of parts are comming from China otherwise i wouldn't be able to create such a price.
Of course the pre orderer of the first batch will pay the old price because I already have all components here...Anyway I'm sorry for this.

Following is included:
-The cartrige
-Reset cable with 3 small connectors. This is needed to reset the Atari. To install the reset cable you need to do for your own (if you want works too without).

A USB-b cable is not included I guess you will have one for sure.
The cartridge will not have a case. This is too complicated for me and surely too expensive.

If you want to preorder a cartridge drop me a mail to

What does preorder mean?
a) You are on my interessted ppl list. Currently I'm delivering the cartridges but it will need some time to get it.
b) I'll contact you when you are the next. If you don't want it no problem i'll jump to the next.
c) Cartridge count is limited if you preorder it can happen that you will be shifted to the next batch of PCBs.