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ultraTos is a CPLD based Tos switcher for Atari 1040STE.

This is how it looks like:

With ultraTos you are able boot up into 6 different Tos versions.

How does it work?
ultraTos has 3 SPI EEProms with 512kb each en. After a switch on the CPLD reads the Tos from the SPI EEprom into ram. Loading into ram needs less than a second. After loading the Tos the 68k can read the Tos from the ram.

How can I flash the Tos?
The Tos rom are flashable over the Atari by starting the flash tool on the Atari desktop. It's just a small tool with a file selector and keyboard input.

What about bad flashing?
ultraTos comes with a preinstalled Tos version at slot 1. This slot is not possible to flash to avoid a bad flashing.

How to switch the Tos?
ultraTos uses jumpers to set which Tos to boot from at startup.

This is not very handy if you just want to switch a Tos to test something.

It is possible to change the Tos during runtime without a switch off! For this you can start the Tos boot selector Prg on your Atari. After selecting the Tos to boot the Atari resets and boots into the selected Tos.

ultraDev implementation
ultraTos is recognised by ultraDev and enables some additional features in the cartridge screen. You can list the flashed Tos versions and directly select a Tos to boot from in the cartridge screen.
It is also possible to boot the Atari into a new Tos with the ultraDev command line tool.
This setting is not presistent after a switch off the Atari will boot again the Tos you selected with your jumper setting.

See ultraTos in action

The video shows how flashing, booting into a new tos and ultraDev implementation works. Booting from 2.16 I cut out a bit loading time do not wonder...

Is it hard to install ultraTos?
No. It's more or less plug and play means ultraTos does not need extra cables from the motherboard all is done over the two standard EProm sockets.
The only thing you must ensure is that the jumpers for the EProms in your Atari are set to use 27c010 EProms.

Will Tos 1.x versions work?
Yes. The flash tool recognises Tos 1.x and will relocate the Tos to run at the correct address.
ultraTos uses RamTos to relocate 1.x Tos versions. Means not all Tos languages are supported only these which are working with RamTos.
RamTos was developed by P. Putnik thanks for allowing me to use it ;) check the RamTos here: http://atari.8bitchip.info/astopensw.php#seltos

Supported plattforms
ultraTos is designed for the 1040STE. It should work on 520STE too but I can't check if the two eproms for the Tos has the same distance and if the PCB collides with other components since I do not have one.

Will it work on a plain ST?
No or better not plug and play. ST uses a different rom area and it's not possible to use 256kb Tos versions without an additional hardware hack. Means I'm not planning to do a solution for a plain ST.
If you are a soldering kind and able to map the rom accesses to $e00000 and solder all address- and data lines by hand it works I think... maybe ;) Or maybe someone can create a converter PCB?

Will it work on a Mega STE?
I don't know. I'm not planning to do a special version for Mega STE currently.

Will it work on a STE 32mhz booster?
I don't think so. The CPLD is clocked with 50mhz that is I guess too less for 32mhz. Getting this to run on 32mhz is quite a bit of work. Currently no plans to support this.

Is the project open source?
Currently not.


currently ultraTos is sold out... you can still send me a mail but I'll only start a second batch if the beta tests are done.

ultraTos development is almost done. Needs some more testing.
The price for a fully build up PCB is 37 euro + shipping. Maybe I can optimise the price a bit still need to search cheaper sources for the components.

If you want to preorder a cartridge drop me a mail to ultrafex1@gmx.de.

What does preorder mean?
a) You are on my interessted ppl list. If the ultraTos is ready I'll start to process the preorders in the same order I've got them.
b) I'll contact you when you are the next. If you don't want it no problem I'll jump to the next.

I do not charge any addtional costs for shipping. Shipping costs are of course charged only once if you order more than one PCB.
Shipping costs for Germany are: 2,7 Euro (German post)
Inside the EU: 3,7 Euro(German post)

The payment is done in advance and I only accept PayPal. I offer PayPal buyer protection means I'll pay the PayPal fee for the buyer protection.

You can give back ultraTos without any reason up to 4 weeks after buying. You will need to pay the shipping for the send back. After I received the the PCB I'll transfer the money for the ultraTos PCB without shipping costs. Requirement for a money back is of course the PCB is in a good condition and working.

Where i can find updates about the project?
I'm writing quite often into my diary. There you can find detailed informations what i'm working on or smaller news about my projects.